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Are you looking for Car Servicing Aberdeen?

There is no such thing as a vehicle that needs no maintenance. Regular checks and replacements are essential for many car components and operating materials to ensure the vehicle's functioning and driving safety.

Vehicle manufacturers suggest regular maintenance every 6, 12 and 24 months.

Fixed maintenance intervals are advantageous for vehicles, regardless of mileage or driving style.

How often to take the car to the workshop?

Experts recommend:

  • Interim Servicing every 6 months or 6000 miles
  • Full servicing every 12 months or 12000 miles
  • Major servicing every 24 months or 24000 miles

Here at the HM Autocentre, we offer all three car servicing options.

What we do during Car Servicing Aberdeen

Interim Service

During an Interim service, we examine 55 checkpoints, including the brakes, interior and exterior lights, steering, gearbox, and battery. We also change the engine oil and the oil filter.

Full Service

This service covers 77 checkpoints, including the radiator, air conditioning, the exhaust system, spark plugs, suspension system, wheels, and tyres.

During this service, we also change the air filter, oil filter, pollen filter, and engine oil.

Major Service

This is the most comprehensive service. It covers about 80 checkpoints, including most interior and exterior parts, the braking system, steering, gearbox, the vehicle's underbody and overall body condition, and the radiator.

Apart from the standard checks, we also change the vehicle's oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, engine oil, and spark plugs. We also top up all fluids if necessary.

Major car servicing Aberdeen in our workshop not only covers all the standard checkpoints, filter replacements etc.

It is a customised service that considers the car's age, make, and model and its primary purpose, such as using it as a work vehicle (courier etc.), short commutes or long-distance driving, driving on rough terrain, etc.

Apart from these standard services we also offer several other options of car servicing Aberdeen.

You can also come to us for seasonal car checks. Many customers come to us before the onsets of summer or winter and before going on holiday to ensure everything is in working order.

We also offer Pre-MOT checks and servicing.

Other options are simple maintenance checks with fluid top-ups, an oil change between services, etc.

Why you should get your car serviced regularly

There are many good reasons to get car servicing Aberdeen from us:

  • Supports the longevity of your vehicle
  • A well-maintained vehicle uses less fuel
  • Faults or damages can be detected and rectified at an early stage.
  • A regularly stamped service book increases the resale value
  • Regular servicing makes a positive outcome of the MOT test more likely

Please note: If you drive a leasing vehicle, you must get it serviced regularly. Please look at your contract. Delaying- or missing any of the services stated in the leasing agreement, it could result in hefty extra charges.

Why us?

  • We at the HM Autocentre only employ experienced mechanics and technicians.
  • Our experts work with the latest tools, equipment and technology.
  • We only use top-quality replacement parts, filters and fluids.
  • Our prices are always fair. We make sure you get the best work for your money!
  • We never compromise on safety and quality.
  • We offer convenient booking options—you can book a car service Aberdeen(as well as most of our other services and products) directly on this website, over the phone, or at our workshop.
  • Apart from car servicing Aberdeen we have many other services and products available. You can find detailed informations about them on our homepage.
  • On our website, you can also find a wide variety of tyres for every car type, season and budget.
  • We are open six days a week, Mon.-Sat. 08:00h to 18:00h
  • If you need help with your car urgently, we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Our experts are friendly and always happy to help.

You can finally stop searching for "car servicing near me". Book a service with HM Autocentre and let us take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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