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Are you looking for Winter Check Aberdeen for your vehicle?

Adverse weather conditions during the winter months pose several challenges for your vehicle. One of the most frequently occurring could be a sudden breakdown.

To make your car ready to face the challenges of winter months, you can opt for a winter check Aberdeen from our reliable service station before the arrival of colder months. It will ensure optimum performance and safety on icy tracks.

Why choose us?

Our facility includes a team of specialists who offer professional winter check Aberdeen. We conduct thorough checks of various car components and provide industry-best solutions for your vehicle.

Furthermore, repair or replacement solutions are suggested based on the severity of the issue. We use advanced tools and the latest techniques to restore the discrepancies after seeking your approval.

Checks covered in our winter check Aberdeen

Our experts check the following essential components to conduct a winter check:


It is crucial to have the right set of tyres that can handle the challenges of snowy, icy and wet roads. The minimum tread depth of tyres must be 1.6 mm; it ensures your safety while driving on such surfaces.

Our experts will examine the tread depth and tyre carcass to check whether the tyres are safe to drive or not.

Furthermore, our team will assist in helping you choose a suitable set of winter tyres if you wish to install such a variant.

Oil level

We will check the oil levels and refill them as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not only that, we may dilute or thicken the oil to prohibit engine malfunctioning.

Apart from this, our winter check Aberdeen also includes:

  • Batteries inspection
  • Coolant and antifreeze check
  • Windscreen and wiper check
  • Electrical component checks and many more

So, what are you waiting for?

Drive down to our facility. We are at 123-125 Causewayend, Aberdeen AB25 3TP.

For further details about our winter check, call us on 01224 935 154.

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