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Tyre Label regulation has been in place since 2012 and commands that the tyres sold in the European Union bear EU tyre labels that are alphanumeric codes containing crucial details about the tyre model. May 1st 2021 onwards, there has been an update to the EU tyre label.

Here are the details that you will find on an updated EU tyre label.

New tyre labelling rules:

Fuel efficiency

As per the new tyre labelling rules, the fuel efficiency rating of a car tyre will now range between A to E. A-rated car tyres offer reduced rolling resistance and thus the highest fuel efficiency. E-rated tyres deliver the least rolling resistance and hence poor fuel economy.

Noise emission

We now classify noise emission levels in A, B and C categories. Level A indicates the minimum noise emission. The new tyre label will also include the actual magnitude of noise emitted represented in decibels.

Wet-grip performance

The markings of wet-grip performance now range from A to E. A-rated tyres come with the shortest braking distance on wet roads.

Additional inclusions

  • A 3PMSF symbol will be present on EU labels of tyres for snow performance.
  • A unique QR code will be available on each tyre label. Scanning this code, you will receive detailed tyre information and verification directly from the EU database.

It is essential to know about these tyre label changes before purchasing tyres Aberdeen.

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