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Churchill Tyres

Churchill tyres are manufactured in Vietnam and China and designed in the United Kingdom. The brand extends mid-ranged tyres that are a product of premium brand manufacturing procedures. Manufacturing of Churchill tyres takes place using machinery built in Japan, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands for all stages of the production process.

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Have a look at some of the most demanded Churchill tyre models from our facility:

Churchill RCB007

This model features three wide tread grooves and wave-like sipes that allow efficient drainage of water, thus enhancing the grip and driving safety on wet surfaces.

Churchill GRB009

This specially-engineered SUV tyre has a centre rib design offering higher traction for safer braking and acceleration. Also, the silicon compound tread of Churchill GRB009 makes it more wear-resistant.

Churchill RCB009

Churchill RCB009 is a UHP tyre with a unique tread compound that reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption. Plus, it comes with a block sipe design and varying pitch order that absorbs generated vibrations, hence delivering a smooth and noiseless driving experience.

Churchill GRB007

Churchill GRB007 comes with a ladder-like structure at the bottom of the grooves, which connects the blocks on both sides. It enhances handling, lowers stone retention and increases tread strength.

Churchill RCB008

Churchill RCB008 has a unique asymmetric pattern design featuring three main ribs and specially designed blocks. It helps maximise the tyre's contact footprint area, accounting for remarkable stability and cornering on dry surfaces.

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