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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment Aberdeen for your vehicle?

Off lately, have you been noticing uneven tyre wear in your car?

If yes, then it might be an indication of wheel misalignment. Such an issue can result in poor fuel economy and disrupt the handling of your vehicle.

Thus, you must resolve such issues by visiting a reliable and reputed car workshop like HM AUTOCENTRE LTD. We use the latest tools and equipment to conduct services of wheel alignment Aberdeen with the highest precision and accuracy. Our team of highly experienced professionals performs a thorough check on the various wheel angles of your vehicle, such as the camber, caster and toe.

When should you opt for a wheel alignment check?

Our wheel experts recommend heel alignment checks at regular intervals for a safer driving experience. You can bring down your vehicle to our facility at the earliest upon noticing any of these symptoms:

  • Off-centred steering
  • Uneven and rapid tyre wear
  • Juddering steering wheel
  • Strange noise when taking turns

Ignoring these symptoms for an extended period can significantly hamper your safety and driving comfort, resulting in hefty repair bills.

What causes wheel misalignment?

One can attribute misaligned wheels to various causes, such as:

Sudden impact

Sometimes, wheel misalignment can be from sudden impacts, such as driving on a pothole.

Worn parts

Do you drive an old car?

If yes, the car wheel misalignment issues might happen due to regular wear and tear of car components. One of the most common reasons for wheel misalignment is damaged wheel bearings. Faulty suspension springs can also cause misaligned wheels.

You can bring down your vehicle to our car workshop at 123-125 Causewayend Aberdeen AB25 3TP. Our experts will check the wheel angles and then provide necessary rectifications.

Why choose us?

When you approach us for a wheel alignment Aberdeen, our trained expert will first inspect the following car wheel angles:


Camber is the inward or outward angle of car tyres when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Specifically, an inward tilting tyre indicates negative camber, whereas an outward tilt indicates positive camber.


Caster is the angle of the vehicle steering axis seen from the side. A positive caster means the steering axis will shift towards the driver. Meanwhile, the steering axis tends to move towards the windshield in case of a negative caster.


Toe is the angle of car wheels towards or away from the axis from the bird's eye view. An inward tilt of tyres indicates toe-in, whereas one outward is toe-out.

Our experts will check the deviation in these angles and adjust them per manufacturer recommendation using advanced aligners.

So if your timely wheel alignment check is due and you are searching for ‘wheel alignment Aberdeen’, consider dropping by our facility. We operate seven days a week!

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