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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres Aberdeen for your vehicle?

Are you stranded in the middle of a journey with a punctured car tyre?

Do you know you can avoid such scenarios by switching over to run-flat tyres?

RFTs come engineered with innovative technologies that allow you to drive at a specific speed up to a certain distance with a flat tyre. In case of punctures, these tyres make it possible for you to cover extra miles without compromising safety and handling stability.

At HM AUTOCENTRE LTD, you will find a diverse collection of run-flat tyres Aberdeen at affordable rates. We stock RFTs for several car make and models across multiple sizes.

Want to purchase a run-flat tyre for your car online?

The process is quite simple!

You can choose a tyre of your preference from our website by entering your vehicle registration number in the online tyre finder tool. It lets you avoid driving down to our facility and purchase tyres conveniently from us.

Types of Run-flat tyres available in our facility

There are three categories of run-flat tyres in the market. You can buy all three of them from our workshop.

Self-supporting RFTs

These tyre variants come with sidewall reinforcements that help to bear the load of the car and its occupants during tyre puncture. It reduces air pressure loss and prevents rim damage effectively.

Self-sealing RFTs

These run-flats have an innovative technology compromising the additional inner lining under the tyre with a sealant. This feature prevents air loss after a puncture.

Support ring RFTs

These tyres sport an inner ring made of hard rubber, supporting a vehicle’s weight even after a blowout.

Note: Ensure your vehicle has TPMS installed before installing a run-flat tyre.

Benefits of using RFTs

Installing a run-flat tyre on your vehicle comes with numerous benefits. Some of them are:

  • You do not need to opt for immediate tyre replacement after a puncture.
  • If you are left stranded with a punctured tyre, you do not need to seek professional assistance immediately. Instead, you can drive for 50 miles at 50mph speed and visit a nearby repair centre.
  • These tyres do not fall out of the rim when punctured. Instead, it carries the weight of your vehicle effectively and provides optimum handling stability.
  • You do not need extra tyres while travelling, thanks to run-flat tyres.

Sounds good?

End your searches for run-flat tyres near me and call us on 01224 935 154.

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